About Us

 Tristan Edwards in dynamic pose, founder of ASD Performance

ASD Performance was founded in 2013 by International Fitness model Tristan Edwards, and has since become a global leader in the sports nutrition market place by offering premium quality cutting edge US Manufactured workout supplements. ASD Performance has committed itself to provide an elite and versatile range of supplements designed to take sports performance to the next level for both professional athletes and the general public alike. ASD's Commitment to quality and perfection has seen ASD takeover the international supplements market, and revolutionize the health and fitness industry.

Our Mission at ASD

Our Mission at ASD Performance is to give back to the global fitness community by developing a powerful and positive image towards embracing and living a healthy lifestyle. ASD's number one goal is to change the lives of our customers by giving them the tools and guidance they need to kick start their journey. We have assembled an elite team of health and fitness experts to help guide our customers towards achieving their dream body, our team is standing by 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. No matter what your goal is ASD has the best workout supplement for you, formulated with the highest quality ingredients we ensure our customers are provided with all of the nutrition and exercise guidance necessary to look and feel better than ever!

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