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Key Benefits:

  • Tone Up 
  • Slim Down
  • Improve Health
  • Increase Energy
  • Build Shape

    The ASD Performance SEXY & LEAN STACK is an innovative and complete solution for women looking to, Build Shape, Tone Up, Increase Energy, Speed up Recovery and Improve all round health! The stack combines our Advanced Fat Burner TONE, Advanced detox solution DETOX, Elite BCAA +Glutamine formula REFUEL, and FUSION Premium Zeal Protein. This Stack combines Powerful And Natural Fat loss ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Acai Fruit, and Grapefruit Powder to make the most of your fat burning efforts.

    SERVINGS: TONE: 60 Capsules, GLOW: 30 Capsules, REFUEL: 50 Servings, FUSION: 28 Servings  


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