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Supplement coupon code, protein, pre workout, BCAA, bodybuilding supplements

Try These 7 Fitness Motivations Tips

November 03, 2017

Try These 7 Fitness Motivations Tips

1. Set a Significant Goal - Why you are training.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons people fail to make significant progress in the gym is down to the fact that their goal isn’t significant enough to them, and therefore they do not push themselves.

It is important to regularly remind yourself WHY you are training and what you want to achieve, this is relevant not only to fitness but also any time you’re setting a new goal, breaking a bad habit, or making a change in your life. Your WHY is one of the most important things that will keep you going when the excuses or hesitations rise in your mind.
Think about one goal that is really important to you right now. Write down why you want to reach that goal, and what you will do once you reach it.

Set a Significant Goal - Why you are training.

2. Visualization is Key

Visualization is an essential component to many success stories. Studies have shown that visualization will help your mind create a neural pattern for whatever it is that you are visualizing. This in turn means that you can be training your brain for something physical even though you’re not actually doing anything physical! An example of this is visualizing a new Deadlift PB. Having a positive state of mind is essential for success.

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3. Get Specific

Having a vague goal of “I want to lose weight’ or “ I want to be thin” usually doesn’t cut it. You need to set specific goals, for example “I want to lose 15lbs” or I want to Deadlift 500lbs” etc. Once you have specific goals set, you can then take a strategic approach to achieving them, just make sure you set yourself realistic goals. A good approach is to set a series of “mini goals” this way you can hit your goals regularly and then move on to the next which will do wonders for your self esteem and motivation.

Just remember an unrealistic goal will kill motivation but conversely a goal that is too easily achieved can also lead to boredom, so just try and find a balance;

Bench Press

4. Habit loop

If you’re still struggling after goal setting then another option to try is something from journalist Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, advises making the benefits of working out more fun, for example by treating yourself to something you enjoy. It is important to reward yourself for your hard work, whether it be your favourite cheat meal, or enjoying a nice drink with friends on the weekend etc.

If you give yourself something to look forward to, say at the end of the week or after a tough workout you will be far more likely to stay on track with your training as you know you have something to look forward to after you finish. After a while of sticking to this properly, you will have trained yourself and your habits to enjoy the training itself as the reward!

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5. Find A Training Partner

There are a many reasons why having a training partner can help with your fitness habits and in turn help you achieve your fitness goals faster and more efficiently. Below we’ve listed some of the benefits:

  • They keep you accountable - It is easy to back out of a workout when you train alone, but if someone is meeting you at the gym and relying on you it is a lot more difficult to back out.


  • Having a training partner makes fitness social - You can grab a protein shake or a healthy meal afterwards and catch-up with each other. This will give you something too look forward to and in turn make you far more likely to stay committed.


  • You will help each other stay motivated, on track with goals and routine, and encourage each other through the hard times.

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Getting into a good fitness routine may seem daunting, or even impossible at first, but just remember the most important step is to just get started. It’s ok to start slowly, just start! Take your time to plan out what the best approach will be to make it work for you is. Focus on changing one habit at a time and set a schedule. And most importantly, make sure your goals are realistic and specific.

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