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The 4 Best Workout Splits

The 4 Best Workout Splits

As a new person in the gym or even an advanced lifter, training splits can be kind of confusing. The more we train the better our bodies become and are able to adapt to the workout routines we put them through. Most people don’t have the time to spend two hours in the gym five to six times a week. So, what can you do to maximize your gym time? Let’s look at the best training splits and how to make them fit into your schedule.

Push, Pull, Legs

This is by far becoming one of the most popular splits among fitness enthusiast. Not only is this a great split for someone who can only get in three days a week but also those who can get in up to six times. This spit cannot only let you hit all your muscle groups in three days but if you hit the gym six days a week this will allow you to hit the groups twice. This split can be done three days in a row then a rest day and repeat, or one day on, one day off, and repeat.

The 4 Best Workout Splits

Upper-body, Lower-body

This program split can be utilized two to four days per week. As with the push, pull, leg day split this allows you to hit each muscle up to twice per week in less time. This split is great for those on a time crunch. The split should take no more than 30-40 minutes each workout. Maximize your time even more adding in supersets and hitting about two exercises per muscle. Utilize this split by training two days on one day off and repeating.



Ideally this split is perfect for those who can only do a maximum of three days. This one is more of a circuit style that works best for fat loss but can also allow muscle growth. This is by hitting each muscle group three times a week compared to only two with the upper/lower split and the push/pull/legs split routines. This one is best done with a day of rest between each day of lifting.

Weight Training Workout Splits

Movement Pattern

This one can be done three to four days per week. This one is utilized by powerlifting community. This incorporates a bench, squat, overhead press, and a deadlift day. Each day is one main movement pattern followed by accessory work that will help boost each movement of the day. This one can also be similar to the upper and lower body split in terms of rotating upper and lower movement patterns. This split is best done by taking no more than two days off in a row.

The 4 Best Workout Splits

The key foundation of a good workout split is training frequency, the main importance of training frequency is to breakdown muscle tissue and allow sufficient recovery time. You only really need about 24-48 hours of recovery time for each muscle group. Workout splits are more about personal preference, play around with each of these and find out which one you like to utilize more than others and stick to it.

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