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The 3 Reasons You're Still Not Lean

The 3 Reasons You're Still Not Lean

Despite eating clean and working out are you still not looking lean enough? These 3 mistakes could be letting you down.


Too much variation! 

1. In your search for a perfect physique you’ve likely found yourself looking up endless exercises and variations to target the very same muscle. Whilst you may think this is the best way of sculpting that particular muscle you’re actually just creating more work for yourself and more importantly getting less from your workouts! You’ll get far more from your workouts if you focus on a few basics and really perfect them; it’s not necessary to incorporate endless exercises for the same muscle group as you’re likely not performing them all correctly and not doing enough sets per exercise to really engage your muscles. You’ll see more progress if you pick just a handful of exercises and complete multiple sets with the correct form.

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2. You’re overdoing the cardio.

We’re not trying to scare you off cardio here as we’ve already stated the importance of not becoming a cardio-phobe in The 3 Reasons You’re Not Shredded. However it’s important to get the balance right, too little cardio and you’re not going to be able to shed that last pesky layer of fat covering your hard earned muscle. Equally if you’re doing too much cardio you’ll not only be burning fat but also muscle, which could be detrimental to your weight training! The easiest way to ensure you get the balance right is to incorporate high intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT.

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3.You’re a time waster.

Ok so you might be putting in the hours at the gym but are you really giving it your all? If you’re regularly spending an hour plus in the gym you’re likely not working out for all that time (I.E taking selfies, chatting, instagramming etc.) or additionally if you are working out for the entirety of your time in the gym its unlikely that your really pushing yourself for that whole time. Lengthy gym sessions are not only unnecessary but can ultimately be detrimental to building muscle as after exercising for a long period your cortisol levels begin to increase, halting muscle growth. Shorter sessions enable you to focus and commit to doing each exercise at your best.

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