Supplement coupon code, protein, pre workout, BCAA, bodybuilding supplements

Supplement coupon code, protein, pre workout, BCAA, bodybuilding supplements

How To Prepare For Your First Physique Competition

November 06, 2018

Physique competitions have become a big deal in recent years and they continue to dominate the fitness scene with huge names like Jeremy Buendia, Sergi Constance, Ryan Terry and Jeff Seid headlining the shows.

 How To Prepare For Your First Physique Competition

The biggest name in physique competitions currently has to be Jeremy Buendia, he is an IFBB professional Men's Physique competitor, and has earned four consecutive Mr. Olympia titles in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 within the Men's Physique class.


So How Should You Prepare For Your First Physique Competition?

Jeremy Buendia states "The ideal routine should focus on four main aspects to maintain muscle while losing fat: 1) a calculated training routine, 2) a proper diet with supplementation, 3) plenty of sleep every night to recover, and 4) overall consistency."

Below we've highlighted an outline of Jeremy's workout routine for the Olympia:

Brief Daily Routine:

7 a.m. – Fasted Cardio
8 a.m. – Breakfast, Personal Projects
9-12 p.m. – Meals Two and Three
1 p.m. – Hit the Gym for Weight Training
3 p.m. – 20 minutes on abs/20 minutes on cardio
4-5 p.m. – Meal Four, Another 20 minutes of cardio
6 p.m. – Final Meal, Protein Pancakes


Now of course this is just a brief outline, this routine works well for Jeremy but might not necessarily work for you. 

Competing in your first physique competition is very exciting, but before you get jump right into it, you need to make sure you are fully prepared. We've outlined a guide you need to follow to begin your contest preparation.

 Competing in your first physique competition

Here are five considerations to ensure a successful and overall positive contest prep experience:


1. Develop a clear prep

Organization is a key factor that will determine how successful you are in your first physique competition.

Lack of organization will lead to lack of preparation which will ultimately lead to failure. Set out a clear plan of action that outlines the first day to the moment you step on stage.


2. Plan for expenses 

Many people start their preparation without considering some basic but key additional expenses, such as food, supplements, tanning, posing suits, travel, entry fees, and personal training.

These things all cost money, and can really start to add up, so leave out any surprises and put together and expense plan.


Personal Trainer to prepare for a physique competition

3. Hire a trainer 

Hire a trainer, yes you heard that right! Hire a trainer... Even the great Jeremy Buendia has a trainer (Hany Rambod). Just because you know your way around a gym does not make you an expert.

Hiring a good coach or trainer will ultimately take the guesswork out of your contest preparation. But don't rush into it, take the time to consult with multiple trainers before you choose one.


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4. Get your mind right

Most competitors will consider their physical health before they begin their contest preparation,  but very few people actually consider the importance of a healthy mind. 

Ask anyone who has competed properly and they will tell you: Your mind starts playing games with you. Many people become very obsessive, and start to tell themselves that they are too skinny or too fat, that they need to eat more or less, or do more cardio etc.

As you progress further into your contest preparation you may experience some physical and mental fatigue (expect it), you may become moody and frustrated, just make sure you don't take out your frustrations on the people around you, as they are ultimately there to support you!


5. Adjust your schedule 

Preparing for your first physique competition is very time consuming and you must be prepared to sacrifice time from many aspects of your life, and dedicate it to your contest preparation. 

Depending on your training style, diet and posing practice, contest prep can feel like a full-time job.

This ultimately can be extremely difficult if you do actually have a full-time job, along with the many other demands in life such as family, friends, career responsibilities and so on.

Put together a clear schedule and make sure you allocate sufficient time to your prep, but also to other aspects of life, this can be a real balancing act! 


How To Prepare For Your First Physique Competition

6. Prioritize your diet

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand: You can't outwork a bad diet, if your nutrition isn’t up to scratch, you won’t achieve the results you're after.

“Nutrition is King, Exercise is Queen, put them together and you have a Kingdom”-Jack LaLanne.

What you put into your body is of course very important, but when you are preparing for a physique contest your nutrition is absolutely paramount. There really is no excuse whatsoever for getting off track with your diet.

"I attribute the majority of my success to this vigorous regimen, but it only works because I’ve stuck with it." - Jeremy Buendia. 

If you are going to be truly successful you need to make sure you stick to the plan, and I'm talking about all aspects of it, training, diet etc.


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Preparing for your first physique competition can be an awesome and very exciting experience, but before you even begin you need to honestly assess each of these points to fully understand and be able to make an educated decision on whether competing is right for you at the current time.

If you have any questions about competing in your first physique competition our team will be happy to help, just shoot us an email!

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