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Supplement coupon code, protein, pre workout, BCAA, bodybuilding supplements

How To Get Up Early For A Workout | 7 Simple Tips

September 08, 2018

How To Get Up Early For A Workout | 7 Simple Ways

Lets face it, if you’re not one of the lucky few that actually like waking up early, then turning up for an early morning workout may seem like a daunting and unrealistic task.

Waking up an hour or two earlier than you’re used to when it’s the only time you can fit in cardio or lifting is not always easy, but if you’re truly committed to getting fit, then it has to be done.

Below we’ve listed 7 ESSENTIAL tips to help you prepare for an early-morning workout:


1. Pack for the gym the night before

Now this might seem like an obvious one, but those 10-15 minutes you spend searching for your gym gear and getting ready really add up when that time could be spent maximizing your sleep and further energising yourself for the workout.


How To Get Up Early For A Workout | 7 Simple Tips

Getting your gym gear ready may seem like an easy task, however when you’re half asleep first thing in the morning it can prove to be a challenging task. Fix this by getting your gym bag ready or lay your clothes out before you go to bed, so you don’t have to think about how to match or which shoes you need.

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2. Make your food the night before

Just like getting your gym gear ready, food will be the last thing you want to worry about at 5 a.m. Preparing your breakfast, or making your smoothie or protein shake the night before and simply keeping it in the fridge until you need it is a simple fix that will save you precious minutes in the early hours.


How To Get Up Early For A Workout | 7 Simple Ways

3. Get a good night’s sleep

Regardless of if you consider yourself a night owl and think you can get away with minimal sleep, we advise against it, there is nothing worse than feeling sluggish in the gym. Getting to bed 7-9 hours before you need to wake up is crucial to get up early for a workout.

4. Set multiple alarms

The vast majority of us will hit the snooze button multiple times, then before you know it you’ve run out of time and its time to go to work. To counteract this we recommend setting multiple alarms.

TIP: Put your phone/alarm clock in the corner of your room so you are forced to get out of bed to switch it off. Believe it or not simply forcing yourself out of bed by doing this will make it MUCH EASIER to commit to that early morning workout.


5. Turn on a light the second you wake up

When you first wake up this might feel like torture, and it will do for the first few minutes, but flipping a switch will allow your brain to think that it’s daytime (even if it’s not) and wake you up faster than staying in the dark.

6. Finally, caffeine

Even though it might take up to 30 minutes to fully kick in, caffeine is a great way to get you energized for a morning workout. If you are really bad at functioning in the morning we recommend making a coffee the night before and drinking it as an iced coffee, this way you can head straight to your fridge and get that caffeine hit within minutes for waking up. 

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