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How to Build BIGGER Arms

How to build bigger arms

Firstly before we discuss how to build bigger arms we must first address the common mistakes people make when trying to build bigger and more powerful arms. 

 Common Mistakes To Avoid. 

1. Over-Training Your Arms.

Now this is probably the most common mistake people make, especially beginners. Arms are small muscles that are constantly being used, often as secondary muscles in other lifts, for example the bench press activates the triceps throughout the entire lift, and the same goes for the lat pull down with the biceps. Remember muscles grow when they rest, over-training will do nothing but hinder your progress.

Over-Training Your Arms.

2. Not Eating Enough Food.

Nutrition is key, remember that. Without proper nutrition you will never achieve the results you are after. You will often hear people state that training is just 30% of the equation while nutrition makes up 70%. You’ll never get 18″ biceps if you only weigh 120lbs at 6′, you must gain weight to build bigger arms. People often say you need to gain 15lb for every inch you want to add on your arms.

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Now these are two of the most common pitfalls out the way, lets get onto how you can actually build your arms.

In order to increase the size of your arms you need to focus on increasing your overall muscles mass first. You’ll never have big arms as long as you’re under-weight. No matter how many biceps curls you do.

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1. Get Stronger.

Strength is size. Look at some of the old school great bodybuilders like Reg Park, his training was primarily focused on heavy lifts, in his prime he was able to bench press 500lbs! Once you have built up muscle mass in general, adding size to your arms will come naturally and be a lot easier.

2. Rest.

Now we have already covered this by discussing over-training, but we thought we’d go into it again. Rest is absolutely essential when it comes to increasing muscle mass, if you don’t rest enough you will never give your body time to recover and in turn will not allow the muscle fibres to heal properly. To speed up recovery time and help support lean muscle mass we recommend incorporating ASD Performance REFUEL Elite BCAA formula and FUSION Premium Lean Whey Protein into your routine.

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3. Track You Progress.

Weigh yourself and measure your arms every 2-3 weeks. If your arms aren’t getting bigger and your not gaining muscle mass you’re either not training properly or not eating enough. To ensure you stay on top of your training and nutrition we recommend keeping a log book.

4. Add Variety into your Routine.

It’s not as simple as hitting a few curls and tricep extensions. To really make the most of your arm training routine you must be sure to add variety to your routine and hit your biceps and triceps from different angles. 

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