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Essential Tips To Maximize Fat Loss

Essential Tips To Maximize Fat Loss

Weight loss is a tricky subject, it requires commitment both in the gym and the kitchen. So many people try to go hard in the gym and then cheat in the kitchen.. this won’t cut it. To really kickstart your weight loss you need to commit in both areas. Below we have listed some top tips to help you get started on your weight loss journey.



Increasing your protein intake is an essential element to maximizing fat loss, protein has a high thermal effect which in turn means that consuming this nutrient requires a lot of energy. For example the “thermal effect” of protein is around 20 to 30 percent, therefore every 100 calories of protein you eat, 20 to 30 calories are used during processing. In contrast carbohydrates, the thermal effect is around 10 percent. So now you know, start to up the protein!

Tip: Increasing your protein intake and reducing the carb intake by the same amount can really speed up fat loss!

Tips To Maximize Fat Loss


Fibre is free from calories, filling and also satisfying to eat! This makes it the perfect fat loss food. Some of the best high fibre food sources are vegetables, they are filling, low in calories and low in carbs. Add a healthy serving of veggies to each meal to stave off hunger without consuming lots of unwanted calories. Good examples include green beans, cabbage, broccoli, peas, kale, cauliflower, spinach, and brussels sprouts.

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In order to really lose weight and burn fat you need to create a calorie deficit. A great way to do this is to eat smaller/more regular meals. Eating smaller portions say 5-6 times per day keeps your metabolism humming, staves off hunger, and controls blood sugar levels. If you have trouble incorporating that many meals per day into your daily routine we recommend incorporating protein shakes into your meal plan, they are quick, convenient and delicious.

Healthy Eating


Hydrating properly is essential for all human functions – including fat burning. Staying hydrated will also help to increase your performance in the gym, this is because H20 aids in the transport of oxygen to your muscles so they are prepared when exerted. You should aim to drink around 2-3 liters of water per day, and remember not just around exercise… throughout the day! Want to add a bit of flavor to your water? Try incorporating ASD Performance REFUEL Elite BCAA Formula to your water to help aid performance and recovery!

Staying hydrated


Incorporating supplements into your routine can give you the necessary edge to really smash your goals. ASD Performance has perfected the perfect fat burning formula to add to your routine and take your fat loss to the next level. SHRED-X is an advanced pre workout thermogenic fat burner designed to help you Shred Body Fat, Increase Muscle definition, and help you blast through any workout.

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