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Crushing Your Goals in 2017

Crushing Your Fitness Goals in 2017

With a new year about to roll in many of you are thinking of your fitness goals in the coming year. It happens year in and year out. People go to the gym January 1st then by the time the second or third week rolls around they stop. Here are 4 ways to make sure you can stick to your goals this coming year and crush them!


1. Gym Partner

A gym partner can be anyone to help hold you accountable to your goals. They ensure that you will not skip out on your workout days but will also help inspire you to keep going. Many people will drop a gym session if they are on their own due to lack of accountability. Find a close friend who can help keep you accountable and push you in the gym.

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2. Log Book/Progress Pictures

Log books are a great way to help you track your goals. The first few weeks when starting fresh on working out has a lot more to do with internal changes rather than the external changes that we want to see. This can be miss leading. By having a log book of body weight, weights lifted, and a food journal you can see progress on paper in either body weight decreasing, weights lifted increasing, and how you perform based on your nutritional intake. 

Progress pictures are another great tool along with a log book. We see ourselves every day so small changes don’t seem as dramatic to us when we look in the mirror. By taking a progress picture every few weeks you can start to see subtle changes in your body. With this make sure you take pictures in the same place and lighting each time.

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3. Research Before the New Year-

This is by far one of the most important steps to take in being successful with your fitness goals in the coming year. Many people are very excited to start on their fitness journeys in the coming year but you have no idea where to start. Luckily in this day in age we have the internet. The internet has limitless articles and videos on fitness and nutrition to guide you. The best plan of action is to do some searching online and find a plan you would like to stick to. ASD Performance has many training + diet plans available, be sure to also check out for training programs covering fat loss, strength training and general fitness.


4. Seek Professional Help

This one is a no-brainer. Let’s be honest fitness and nutrition can seem overwhelming to a beginner. So, what better way to help you understand than reaching out to someone who knows what they are doing and help guide you. No, I’m not talking about paying for this service. Many of the local gyms in your areas have trainers that would be more than willing to help you get started or point you in the direction that you need to go to be successful with your fitness goals. 

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5. Tell the World About Your Plans

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, you can tell everyone you know about your morning workout routine. Post your exercise plans on Facebook. Once you do so, it’s harder not to follow through with it. You also can use social media to boast of your accomplishments — tell your friends that you swam 16 laps (about a mile) or ran three miles before work. They surely will be impressed, and it will motivate you to keep up your workout schedule.

 Don’t wait until December 31st to prepare for next year. Take little steps now to ensure you have success in the coming year!!

Author: Ron Smith

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