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5 Fat Loss Myths

5 Fat Loss Myths


Myth #1 Do situps to lose belly fat.

When trying to lose weight, many people try to target the fat on their belly by doing situps or other abdominal exercises. Although sit-ups can help strengthen your abs, they unfortunately won’t help shrink your belly.

Myth #2 - You Shouldn't Eat Carbs after 2 PM

 As long as your daily calories are in check, and you aren't overeating carbs in an unbalanced manner relative to the other macronutrients, it won't matter much when you eat them.

There is nothing magical about late afternoon or evening carb consumption. The human body doesn't contain a secret "off button" that suddenly turns all carbs into fat after 2 pm.

Myth #3 Low fat and other health claims on packaged foods = healthy alternative.

Fat-free, sugar-free, less saturated fat, baked not fried, low sodium and low carb products are flying off the shelves. People mistakenly think that these foods can be eaten freely without consequence! The manufacturer’s often replace the fat or other ingredients with sugar, artificial sweeteners, salt, MSG, artificial flavours and other unhealthy additives. These highly processed foods create increased hunger, less satisfaction and consistent cravings.

Myth #4 Cut carbs, lose weight

Why it’s not true: To burn fat, you must fuel your body with the calories it needs to achieve high-intensity ranges of exercise. Without that fuel (i.e. carbs), your tank will be on empty and you’ll ultimately be running on fumes. You’ll feel as though you’re working hard, but your workouts won’t be as long or effective as they would if you had fueled your body correctly.

Myth #5 The faster the move, the better

A metabolic exercise doesn’t have to make you out of breath to be effective, resistance training is a great way to increase your metabolism. One study found that the metabolic boost from a full-body weightlifting session lasted for 72 hours.