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5 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Workouts

5 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Workouts

1. You’re swinging weights.

This is a very common mistake, often caused by lifting weights that are too heavy. The endless benefits of weightlifting can only be achieved if you’re controlling your movements. Whatever exercise you’re doing, be sure to control each motion of the exercise in order to maximize results. Control is key. 


2. Stop holding on.

Cardio is an excellent way to burn fat but most of are missing out on the majority of the calorie burn. When you grip on to the sidebars of the treadmill, or cling to the handles on the elliptical you’re sacrificing your calorie burn. Instead either swing your arms as you go through each movement or if you need a grip to maintain your balance just make sure it’s a very light one.


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3. Quit waiting around.

It may be tempting to reward yourself with a 5 minute break between exercises but by doing this your allowing your heart rate to return to normal. Keeping your heart rate elevated during a workout is essential to burning the most calories and building muscle. So save your rest for after and if the gyms packed and you have to wait around be sure to use this time wisely. Hold a plank, do some push-ups; it’s your choice as long as you’re keeping your heart rate up.


4. You’re stretching in between.

It’s important to stretch both before and after you workout to warm up your muscles and prevent injury, and soreness. However, those who stretch in between exercises are hampering their ability to perform their next exercise. Studies have proven stretching in between may actually decrease the amount of weight you are able to lift.

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5. You’re hanging back.

Many of us are guilty of thinking showing up to a class is enough, but if you’re giving yourself breaks when you shouldn’t be and generally not giving it your all you’re not going to get the benefits from it. Simply going through the motions without any effort isn’t going to get you the results you crave. Next time you’re at a class really focus on doing all the exercises correctly and for the designated number of reps.

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