Supplement coupon code, protein, pre workout, BCAA, bodybuilding supplements

Supplement coupon code, protein, pre workout, BCAA, bodybuilding supplements

6 Tips For Getting Crazy Ripped

February 02, 2018

5 Tips For Getting Crazy Ripped

1. Eat more protein

About 25%-30% of the calories in each gram of protein are burned in digestion, compared to only 6%-8% of the calories in carbs. Protein can reduce hunger and boost metabolism, but you won't lose weight if you don't eat fewer calories than you burn. It is most certainly possible to overeat and in turn negate the calorie deficit caused by the higher protein intake, this is especially true if you eat a lot of junk food

2. Good Sleep Is The Key

When you're trying to lose weight, sleep may be the last thing on your mind, however sleep is a lot more important than you may think. With less sleep, the body seeks to meet the increased metabolic needs of longer waking hours by shifting into a lower gear, so to speak, that burns fewer calories and less fat.

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3. Break a record

You should continuously look to challenge yourself, it is a great way to ensure you stay on track and also motivate yourself. Challenge yourself to run farther in the same amount of time—even if it's just one-tenth of a mile—every single workout. If you continuously push yourself your body will have no choice but to progress.

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4. Don't skip meals

Many people thin skipping meals and eating less will help them lose weight… this is not the case. Not eating for long periods of time puts your body into a catabolic state, meaning it starts to break down muscle tissue for energy—and conserves fat.

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5. Stop Drinking Fruit Juice

Many people believe that fruit juice is a healthy choice; after all it is made from fruit, which we all know is a healthy option. Although fruit juice provides vitamins and minerals, it's just as high in sugar as soda and other sweetened beverages! A 12oz serve of grape juice for example contains the equivalent of 12 teaspoons of sugar and around 200 calories, more than the same sized cola which has just over ten teaspoons of sugar and around 150 calories.

6. Do sprint intervals

High intensity interval training is one of the fastest ways to shed body fat and increase your endurance. Unlike those boring and prolonged treadmill sessions, HIIT training actually burns calories both during the workout, and after the workout, providing you with a metabolic boost for up to 24 hours after you finish your workout! 

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Try this HIIT routing the next time you workout!

General Warm-up/Flexibility Routine

Touch Toes - 15 Reps (Touch toes quickly, come right back up and repeat)
Lunges - 10 reps/leg

Side Lunges - 10 reps each direction
Butt Kicks - 25 yards
High Knees - 25 yards
Arm Circles - 20 reps
Trunk Twists - 20 reps
Side Bends - 20 reps

HIIT Cardio (Sprints)

Exercise Distance Sets  Intensity Rest Period
Light Jog 400m 1 Brisk Pace 2 mins
Sprint 60m 2 60% 2 mins
Sprint 80m 3 80% 3 mins
Full Sprint 100m 3 100% 5 mins


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