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3 Moves to a Shredded Six Pack

3 Moves to a Shredded Six Pack

Are you doing endless sit-ups and crunches and still feel like you’re getting nowhere? You’re not alone. Despite much evidence pointing to the fact that these exercises are not going to give you a shredded six pack and can actually cause significant back pain they still seem the go-to for ab exercises. So we’ve comprised a list of the 3 ultimate exercises to get your abs looking ripped.

Ab Wheel Rollout Bodyweight Strength Training


1. Ab Wheel Roll-Out.

This one’s harder than it looks, as it requires you to fully engage your abs to keep you balanced. Here’s how you do it; your starting position should be kneeling on the ground with your knees under your hips whilst you hold the ab wheel by the handles directly under your shoulders. Then from there slowly roll the wheel forward as far as your can without falling flat and then return to the starting position. Throughout the move you should keep your back flat and squeeze your abs. Unlike many abdominal exercises you won’t be able to complete this exercise without your abs fully engaged so you can guarantee you're working your abs every time.

Hanging Leg Raises

2. Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises are the ultimate move for targeting all of the major muscles of your abdominals. Plus you’re going to be working your muscles throughout the entire move as it requires you to contract your abs from the start to the end while keeping your lower back in a safe position making it ideal for developing a killer six pack without compromising on back pain. Be sure to keep your legs straight as you raise and lower them back down until you’re in the hanging start position as this ensures you’re fully engaging your abs.


Tip: Don’t rush! You’ll get the most out of hanging leg raises if you go through the motion slowly.

Exercise Ball Pull-In

3. Exercise Ball Pull-In.

These are great for targeting the lower section of your abdominals, which is typically the most difficult area of your abs to develop. This is because that area tends to carry more fat and the majority of ab exercises target your upper abs. To complete this exercise all you need is a large exercise ball and a mat so you can do this from anywhere! How to do it? You’re starting position should be push-up position with your shins placed on top of the exercise ball. Now, whilst keeping your back straight pull your knees in towards your chest, allowing the ball to roll forward under your ankles. Make sure you’re contracting your abs as you go through the movement.