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5 Tips To Keep Fit This Summer!

5 Tips To Keep Fit This Summer

It’s that time of year you’ve all been in the gym for. Summer. So all your dieting, detoxing, lifting and cardio have paid off, the last thing you want to do is sabotage all your hard work! We’ve come up with 5 tips that will help you keep those vacation pounds from piling up…


Preparation is Key.

We’re not talking about meal prep here we do want you to actually enjoy your vacation! Simply, planning ahead of time and accounting for days of overindulgence. If you know you’re going to an all you can eat buffet, or a heavy Italian restaurant that evening have a light breakfast/lunch. The key is to distinguish treating yourself from outright gluttony. That way you’ll actually appreciate your moments of indulgence even more without the guilty feeling afterwards.

Healthy Eating


Don’t give up all exercise. 

There are some of us who have an impressive ability to seek out a gym no matter where they are in the world and whilst we applaud that it’s not entirely necessary. It’s important to just incorporate a little bit of light exercise each day, whether that’s walking around a city instead of taking public transport, going for a brisk walk/jog before breakfast, or making the most of the pool and doing a couple laps.

Keep track of your snacking.

Whether your vacation involves lazy days lounging by the pool, exploring new cities or endless summer BBQ’s its essential to keep track of what you’re eating in between meals. Especially when you’ve had one too many margaritas it’s easy to lose track of what you’re snacking on so make sure wherever you are to stock up on a few healthy treats to keep you going throughout the day. Some great options include fresh fruit, nuts, protein shakes and low fat yoghurts. Additionally, a number of small healthy snacks throughout your day are effective at helping to maintain a fast metabolism.

Keep track of your snacking

Incorporate Calisthenics. 

These are a great way to keep up with your workout when there isn’t a gym in sight. You can target every muscle group without a single weight, all through using your own body weight or resistance bands if you remembered to pack them. Push-ups, squats, bench dips and crunches are a few key exercises to get you started.

Incorporate Isometrics.

Isometrics are another great way to stay in shape anywhere in the world and are amazing at building strength. All you need is a solid surface to lean/push against. Wall squats are perfect for working almost every leg muscle and your abdominals, all your need is a wall to hold your back against. Simply squat until your legs are at a 90 degree angle and hold for as long as you can, repeat several times. Planks are another great isometric exercise to strengthen your whole core. To develop strength from isometrics it’s essential to hold each muscle contraction for around 15-30 seconds with several repetitions.

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Tip: Even with all the best intentions summer vacations can often result in extra pounds so take ASD Detox a week before and after your vacation to help keep you on track.