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Top 3 Exercises for a Tiny Waist

Top 3 Exercises for a Tiny Waist

A smaller waist is at the top of almost every woman’s dream body wish list. Whilst we all know that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ you’re not going to achieve the small waist you crave without including some key oblique exercises. So here’s how you can tone your way to a tiny waist! 


Side Plank:

The slightly more difficult version of the well-loved traditional plank. This is a great overall core exercise that helps to tone your whole stomach but with an additional focus on your oblique’s. Aim to hold each side for as long as possible, 30 seconds each side if a good start. Just be sure to not let your hips drop as this lessens the focus on your oblique's.

*Too easy? Hold your arm up vertical to the ceiling with each side.

 The Side Plank - Exercise for a slim waist


Russian Twist:

The twisting motion of this exercise combined with a weight really helps to shred fat and firm up your oblique’s. You can do this move with either a medicine ball, bouncing it on each side as your twist, or simply a free weight. The most important part of this exercise is to keep your back straight and not slouch throughout the whole movement. This ensures that you’re really engaging your oblique’s the whole time.

Russian Twist Exercise

Bicycle Crunches:

The reason these are so effective in shredding inches from your waist is because this exercise combines both cardio and tum toning moves. Don’t get sloppy doing this exercise, you need to make sure you touch your elbow to your alternate knee each time to get the most from this exercise.

Tip *Aim to do this movement as fast as possible to really get your heart rate up so you’re burning the most calories.

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