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Six Pack Abs - Training Tips

Six Pack Abs - Training Tips

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of poor information, misconceptions and outright lies about getting a ‘six pack’ stomach and losing weight. Thankfully, its’s not actually that hard to achieve providing you have a bit of discipline, a good workout regime, the right diet and a little help from some fat burners 


Choose the right exercise

These are the most common exercises for working abs and obliques:

Cable rotations - a really excellent and natural way to work the hips and crunch those abs

V Ups - This exercise works both upper and lower abdominal muscles at the same time and can also strengthen the lower back if performed correctly.

The Swiss ball - Try the various rollouts & have some fun!

Planks - So many different ways for these which will save your back and strengthen your core.

Leg Raises - The leg raise is the perfect exercise for the somewhat neglected lower abdominals and hip flexors. Regular performance of leg raises can help to strengthen the lower back and therefore reduce the risk of injuries.

Avoid The Common Ab Training Mistakes 

 Leg Raises

Incorporate Cardio 

You can work on your abs all day and all night but unless you shed the belly fat covering the muscles you'll NEVER see them. Now cardio is not everyones preference, if this is the case we recommend incorporating HIIT (high-intensity interval training) into your routine. Apply this to any form of cardio that you like, such as running, spinning, stair-climbing, jumping rope, elliptical training or rowing.

Babe runner


Don't Overtrain 

Recovery time is key here, by all means have intense workouts but like any muscle group they have to recover. Generally speaking if you’re still really feeling the effects from your last workout, give it a rest. Don’t work out until your abs have had a chance to recover a bit otherwise you’ll really be hurting, they’re ‘core muscles’ and every time you hiccup you’ll regret it!

Work your abs two or three times a week at the most for intense, but not prolonged periods, say 15 minutes max or longer if you’re doing super sets.

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