Supplement coupon code, protein, pre workout, BCAA, bodybuilding supplements

Supplement coupon code, protein, pre workout, BCAA, bodybuilding supplements

5 Tips To Dominate Every Workout

November 16, 2016

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Mindset plays an enormous role when it comes to physical exercise. Try out these top tips to ensure you dominate your next workout.

Rehearse Your Lift

Before attempting any big lift, try and picture yourself completing it—and mime the steps involved in the movement. Visualization is key, visualizing your goal can boost your actual performance by 45 percent, finds a study in Behavioral and Brain Functions.

Prepare For Tomorrow’s Workout

Having commitment issues? The key is to eliminate your excuses for skipping the gym. Pack your gym bag for tomorrow’s workout before you go to bed tonight. Researchers in Georgia say sorting out your gear in advance makes you 40 percent more likely to hit the gym.

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Pick an Opponent In the Gym

Having an opponent in the gym can significantly increase your performance. A healthy competition can push you to work extra hard, says research from New York University. For example, see the guy on the treadmill next to you? Make sure he doesn’t beat you!


Finish the Hard Part First

Start your workout with the exercise you dread the most, get it out the way early so you can focus the rest of your session. By leaving it until later in your workout, you’ll unwittingly skip reps on easier moves in order to save energy for your nemesis, finds a study from Indiana University.

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Set Mini Goals

A common reason for loss of motivation when it comes to training is sluggish progress, or what people think is sluggish progress… remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Forget setting a grand goal. Instead of vowing to lose 20 pounds, just make it 2—and build from there. Short-term goals result in a great chance of physical improvement, says a University of Alabama study. 

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