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Top 4 Moves for Chiseled Abs

Having a chiseled set of abs is often seen as a universal sign of good physical fitness and health, attaining a strong set of abs requires a great deal of dedication and hard work both in the gym and the kitchen. Below we have listed some awesome exercises that can help to really kickstart your abdominal development.

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Top 4 Deadlifting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The DEADLIFT is often considered the king of all lifts (Some people may say the Squat!). The benefits of performing the deadlift are truly endless, Deadlifts will hit your quads, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors, abs, traps, and upper lats… and the list goes on! If you aren’t deadlifting, you could very well be undermining your workout results.

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5 Tips to Instantly Boost your Performance in the Gym

When you first started lifting, every time you stepped into the gym you probably experienced a slight improvement in physical performance. Every wonder why? This is because the further you are from your genetic potential, the quicker your body adapts to exercise. The muscles that previously had not been utilized are put to work and of course each and every time you train you fine tune your technique. 

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Common Weight-Loss Myths—Debunked 

1. Carbs make you put on weight

Despite what many people believe carbs are not your enemy, if eaten as part of a healthy and balanced diet they will not lead to weight gain, just be sure to eat the right kind of carbs. The main role of carbohydrates is to provide energy, as they are the body's main source of fuel needed for physical activity. If you are not eating a sufficient amount of carbohydrates your will not be able to perform at your best.

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How To Build Big, Strong Legs Without Squats

Believe it or not you can build massive legs without barbell squats, there are a wide variety of exercises that will develop your legs just as efficiently. A lot of people look to avoid squats for many different reasons, the most common being knee pain, yes squats can cause knee pain, however 99% of the time this only occurs when they’re performed incorrectly. Below we have listed a couple of great exercises you can incorporate into your leg day routine without having to go near a squat rack.

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The squat next to the deadlift is arguably the king of all exercises! The squat is a massive muscle recruiter and stimulates the whole body in a way not many exercises can. You may be thinking the only way to build up your squat is to train legs, you couldn’t be more wrong. The squat recruits muscle fibers from almost every muscle group in the body not just the legs!

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1. Consistency 

Generally speaking, it is easier for an individual to stay on track with a fitness regime first thing in the morning because there is less time for family, evening plans, commuting, late nights in the office, and other distractions to get in the way. Fatigue from a long day can also lead to skipped evening workouts.

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5 Moves for Perfect Abs

The Perfect Core is desired by many, yet often attained by few. Its a combination of hard work, the right exercises, and of course the right nutrition. Many people seem to belive that the odd salad and endless crunches in the gym will get you there.. we beg to differ! Here's 5 moves that evenly target your core to help you attain that perfect six pack!

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You're Training For Abs All Wrong!

The most sought after physique goal is getting that coveted six pack. With the start of 2017 a month in a lot of the New Year’s resolutions have come and gone but why?

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1. Skipping meals:

While it’s tempting to skip out on meals to lose weight faster, you could actually be increasing your weight gain. When you skip a meal not only are you more likely to overdo it later on, you slow down your metabolism so your body holds onto those calories you do eat. A more effective approach is to eat more, smaller meals throughout the day. 

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